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We manufacture the best grade of Structural Plywood Panels for heavy duty industrial use.

When considering the long-term endurance of your shipping containers, you must take container flooring into consideration. Why? Because the commodities you are delivering directly benefit from a sturdy container flooring plywood. Large quantities of products are meant to be moved and kept in storage for extended periods of time by your shipping containers. Naturally, you want them to be strong, reliable, and long-lasting for continuous use. The use of quality and reliable container flooring plywood crafted by utilising the cutting edge European technology by the top container plywood flooring manufacturers can assist your shipping containers maintain their structural integrity so that they can transport goods for many years to come with little to no wear and tear. In summary, the floors you put inside your shipping containers considerably increase their durability and lifespan.

Secure the future of your shipping containers with 28Mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood

Your new or used container will already have a sturdy floor in place when it arrives. These already installed floors are not as sturdy as the 28Mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood, that's why you should replace them without a second thought. The perilous conditions of the vast ocean are taken into account when the top 28mm container plywood flooring manufacturers construct shipping container flooring panels. As a result, generally marine-grade plywood is the most typical type of material used for shipping container flooring. The environment that surrounds the deep ocean is filled with many elements apart from water that might be hazardous to the container as well as the goods that reside inside them. Borers and termites are one of those natural elements that can put your goods at higher risk. That's why United container flooring plywood is also treated by the experts to make them termite & borer resistant.

28Mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood
28Mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood
28Mm Shipping Container Flooring Plywood

S. No. Sample Number First Second Third
1 Ply Count (Specified min. 19) 19 19 19
2 Mass (g) 402.5 406.1 433.1
3 Width (in.) 2.00 1.97 2.00
4 Thickness (in.) Specified min. 1.1 1.15 1.15 1.14
5 Length (in.) 12.05 12.05 12.05
6 Span (in.) 10.00 10.00 10.00
7 Maximum Load (lbf) Specified min. 1525 lbf 1898.96 1816.77 1964.36
8 Results (Pass/Fail) Pass Pass Pass
9 Shear Force (lbf) 899.48 858.39 882.18
10 Shear strength (psi) 564.26 543.6 517.22
11 Slope (lbf/in.) 11920.63 11144.93 11698.63
12 Modulus of Elasticity (psi) 972805.93 916350.68 959544.51
13 Modulus of Rupture (psi) 9216.93 9851.96 9565.33
14 Failure Bending Bending Bending
15 Failure Location Plies 1-6 Plies 1-2,5-7 Plies 1-2,4-6
16 Boiling Test Pass Pass Pass
17 MOISTURE CONTENT % 5.98 6.06 6.75

7 Trusted Qualities

28mm Container Plywood Flooring manufacturers

Toughness and Thickness

28mm Container Plywood Flooring manufacturers

Reliable and Robust

28mm quality container flooring plywood

Ultimate Quality and Finish

28mm quality container flooring plywood

Strength and Stability

container flooring plywood

Termite Resistant and Borer Free

container flooring plywood

Environment Friendly and Emission Free

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Why choosing trustworthy 28mm Container Plywood Flooring manufacturers is important?

United Container Flooring plywood doesn't need as much upkeep and repair as conventional wood does. TheEuropean technology used in the production of our 28mm shipping container flooring plywood makes them suitable for heavy duty use and keeps your pockets safe from the regular maintenance costs. United Container Flooring plywood engineered for shipping containers has a great weight to strength ratio. Heavy machinery, Heavy goods and other weighty items require high load bearing containers that are installed with United Container Flooring plywood for their safety during transportation.

Why join hands with OWI when it's about container flooring plywood ? Why choose Containermax

If you choose 28mm shipping container flooring plywood manufactured by us over other container floorings, you will be making the best decision for your shipping containers' future. The quality that the container plywood in Yamunanagar ( in the world ) possesses can't be found anywhere else in India. As one of the most trustworthy 28mm Container Plywood Flooring manufacturers, we can ensure you that our 28mm Container flooring plywood overcomes any obstacles presented by heavy duty applications.


  • We are amongst the few manufacturers who can manufacture Container Floor Panels that adhered to the stringent IICL Tb001 standard.
  • Our USP is our consistent thickness and strength parameters which are duly tested in the lab before every dispatch.
  • United IICL Container Floorboards have a reputation of performing better than IICL standards everytime.
  • Superior High GSM black film to prevent water penetration on the underside of the floorboard and also reduces the turnaround time at the yard as it does away with any painting/coating required.
  • Dual Film Technology that ensures a super smooth surface finish.
  • We use superior quality sheets of veneer bonded with high quality PF resin, manufactured in house to match IS 848 standards and use a special All Glue line composition to ensure maximum strength and reliability.
  • Pre slotted container floorboards that eliminates the hassle of making the groove at the yard and quickens the manufacturing process for our customers.
  • Achieving the highest levels of customer delight is our constant endeavour.
  • United container (Containermax ) floor panels manufactured by Oberoi Wood Industries are considered as the best solution for new container floors as well as repair of container floor panels.

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