120GSM Densified Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

The Everlasting Bond

United Film faced Shuttering Plywood is the preferred choice for builders,developers, and contractors to provide cost effective formwork and shuttering solutions for their esteemed projects as we are among the best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India.

United Shuttering plywood is manufactured from veneers of carefully selected and strong Eucalyptus hardwood. All core veneers are bonded with high quality liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin manufactured at our resin plant conforming to IS 848: 1974.The All Glue line (AGL) technology ensures that all veneers are fully dipped in resin and pre glued to enable the glue to be soaked into the wood veneer making United Shuttering plywood the best quality shuttering plywood.

As one of the best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Haryana the Upper Phenolic film is produced in-house in a state-of-the-art Impregnation Dryer that ensures an even and smooth film with High Glue content that results in a high GSM film. This film is a USP (Unique Selling Point) of our Film faced plywood as it enables the plywood to withstand the harsh acidic conditions of concrete and water. The resulting surface is defect free and can provide maximum repetitions with a superior finish so that the labor for slab rework and plastering is minimized, resulting in huge savings in the overall project cost. We have adopted the best technology to provide High GSM-Super resin Impregnated films that can further improve the surface and life of the plywood. As one of the most trusted shuttering plywood manufacturers in yamunanagar, we also have fully automated presses based on PLC systems and thermodynamic sensors to ensure the top-notch quality that our customers trust us.

Our unique process ensures a final product that is ideally suitable for nailing, screw holding and heat resistance to bear the toughest conditions. The load- bearing capacity of our Top 10 Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers is enhanced using HDR densification technology; the High densification ratio ensures that the glue in the veneers is properly bonded to the wood veneer layers and creates interlinking bonds that create a superior product that is strong from within.

100% hardwood Eucalyptus wood ensures extra strength and higher water tolerance. Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties.

Available in Yellow , Black and Red Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

shuttering plywood Yamunanagar

All Glued lines for Extra Strength, 100% Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin with high Solid content that result in 100% waterproof Shuttering plywood.

Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Haryana

120 GSM phenolic film for superior surface finish leading to huge savings in plaster repair labour and rework time.

best quality shuttering plywood

HDR technology for guaranteed maximum Repetitions

It is the ideal framework plywood for concrete moulds and pre-cast applications since it is dent free. United shuttering plywood is non-corrosive and imparts a smooth and even finish on the concrete surface; this saves labour cost of the customer as there is no need for re-plastering.

Available in -
☛12mm-(30kg, 34kg, 36kg)
☛ 18mm-(50kg , 45kg)


Each ply has aunique QR code-based authenticity check to ensure that our customers are not cheated by cheap imitations.

shuttering plywood manufacturers in yamunanagar
shuttering plywood Yamunanagar
shuttering plywood Yamunanagar

7 Trusted Qualities

shuttering plywood manufacturers in india

Toughness and Thickness

Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Haryana

Reliable for Maximum Repetitions

ibest quality shuttering plywood

Ultimate Quality and Surface Finish

best quality shuttering plywood

Strength and Stability

Best Shuttering Plywood in Haryana

Guaranteed weight

Best Shuttering Plywood in Haryana

Environment Friendly and Emission Free

Best Shuttering Plywood in Haryana


Technical Specification

Conforms to IS 4990 specifications

  • Moisture Content - 8-10%
  • Glue in Dry strength - 1525 N
  • Glue in wet strength - 1200 N
  • Knife Test - Pass
  • Tensile strength along the grain - 45 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength across the grain - 38 N/mm2
  • Modulus of elasticity along the grain - 7000 N/mm2
  • Modulus of elasticity across the grain - 9000 N/mm2

Useful tips for Proper Application

  • Unload Carefully
  • Stack on the flat surface
  • Apply mould oil on both sides before use
  • Use proper nuts & bolts for fixing
  • Use putty in bolt holes
  • Use sealant on cut edges
  • Do not drag & drop from height
  • Clean both surfaces after use
  • Dry the panel before stacking, after use

Shuttering Plywood
Best Shuttering Plywood
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best quality shuttering plywood
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Shuttering Manufactured

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Shuttering Manufactured

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