Cable Drum ( Thickmax+)

A cable drum is a spherical object that carries a variety of wires and cables, such as optical fibre, electrical wire, and other wire goods. The top-grade plywood cable drums are made of high-quality poplar and eucalyptus wood. They are lightweight and long-lasting, making them reusable and protecting your pockets from any kind of burden. They are suitable for use in heavy-duty situations. Cable reels, sometimes known as cable drums, are used to transport electric cables, fibre optic cables, and wire items over long distances because of their amazing durability.
Plywood reels or cable drums are a less expensive alternative to other types of drums for hauling lesser weights and are commonly used by commercial electricians and the construction industry. These drums are highly valued for their excellent strength, sturdiness, and finish. The cable drums are constructed under the supervision of a competent staff using high-quality and carefully selected poplar and eucalyptus wood and cutting-edge methods. To fulfil the needs of our customers, these cable drums are available in several sizes.

United Thickmax+ Production Pallets are designed with selected hardwood veneer and high quality phenol bonded resin. The product is highly densified with a black plastic film overlay of 270 GSM making it highly abrasion resistant. Suitable for: AAC block, concrete blocks, chemical treatment blocks, soil bricks, concrete bricks, pavers, tiles, ceramic tiles and for automobile sectors.


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