Calibrated Plywood

Core veneer composers are the most commonly utilised (pressed) material in the fabrication of calibrated plywoods. In addition to core veneer composers, manufacturers install sanding machines, glue spreaders, and other equipment. The manufactured core veneers are initially put through a two-way pressing procedure in a hydraulic hot press. The veneers' uneven thicknesses are pressed together to create evenly thicker plywood, which is then sanded for calibration. After that, it's resanded with a wide belt sanding machine. The finished product is a perfectly calibrated plywood with a perfect polish. Excellent engineering allows for precise finishing and a zero-surface core gap.
Calibrating calibrated plywood in today's high-end gear yields a consistent thickness. Because of its constant thickness across the ply, it is an ideal panel product for use by mechanised automated furniture manufacturers. Users are recognising this plywood's use in furniture, mattresses, kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes, and sofas, resulting in a rise in demand for plywood with consistent thickness.
Post-lamination and post-forming for furniture, inserts, and modular items are exceptionally simple thanks to their smooth surface. The plywood thickness is uniform, and there are no abnormalities in the plywood. Because of its high tolerance, the calibrated plywood is suited for use in kitchens. Our calibrated plywood is of high quality and the consumers can't help but praise it.


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